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Camping in Mountains


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Natural Spring

Avandra Adventures


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We have discovered that many people book vacations without actually having activities in mind or ready for them. Here at Avandra, we ensure you have something exciting to do by combining housing, travel expenses, and gear cost into one easy-to-purchase package. With Avandra, all you have to do is click a button and the trip of a lifetime is ready to go. So make memories, have fun, and enjoy all the options we give you here at Avandra Adventures.



Have fun surfing with your friends in Montauk. Enjoy awesome food or maybe even catch your own through fishing.



Enjoy peaceful isolation in the Catskills mountains or in colorado. Have fun camping, rafting, rock climbing, and more.



Have a blast at Jay peak Resort skiing new trails and snowboarding down mountains with our winter excursions. 



coming soon...

Young Skier

Winter & Fall

We currently only offer one winter and spring package due to contracting issues. These problems will be resolved shortly. For now, feel free to browse through all our available packages for summer, fall, and winter.

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